“When I met Dr. Burgess, I had two bulging discs in my back. I was a former multi- sport athlete who plays without fear. However, due to my injury, I could not even walk without pain. I could not play sports. I had met with two physical therapists who failed to make my condition any better. Dr. Burgess listened to my goals and paid close attention to the symptoms of my injury. He was careful to challenge me up to the extent my injury would allow and no more. Due to Dr. Burgess, I am now playing soccer and basketball at full speed. I recently was rear-ended on the freeway at approximately 50 mph. My car was totaled. However, Dr. Burgess had caused my back to be so strong that I did not re-aggravate my injury at all.

I now have no pain ever. I highly recommend Dr. Burgess for anyone and everyone.”

Ryan Keller
Irvine, California

“I have been through years of therapy for chronic back pain and nothing works like ART®! Dr. Burgess was able to make a significant difference in just one visit. By the second visit he had me stretching and training completely pain free (amazing)!! He is a powerhouse of knowledge and every patient reaps those benefits!

In my opinion, what makes Dr. Burgess unique is that he is able to combine ART® and chiropractic manipulation along with an incredible understanding of physiology and biomechanics. He can pinpoint the problem area and prescribe the perfect treatment plan for you. I highly recommend him."

Cindy Brazda
Costa Mesa, California