Dr. Damien Burgess

Dr. Damien J Burgess DC MS CCSP CSCS

Clinic Director

Dr. Damien Burgess received his Doctorate in Chiropractic Medicine from SCU and furthered his education by earning a Masters Degree in Sports Medicine. He has also completed the 120 hours post-doctoral study and successfully passed the CCSP exam (Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician). His passion and experience at high-level competitive sports has culminated into a thriving practice where he has emerged as a leader as a sports therapist.

Dr. Burgess is a certified, full body Active Release Technique and Kinesio- Tape practitioner. He specializes in strength and conditioning, nutrition and physical rehabilitation. Each of these areas support his unique approach to individualized care.

As a well respected and trusted doctor of chiropractic medicine, he is currently the Sports Chiropractor for the Bike Religion Cycle Team. He is an Ironman provider, and works with OC Muay Thai and Affliction Clothing, alongside their MMA fighters.

Dr. David Schlute

Dr. David Schlute DC

Dr. Schlute was born and raised in Colorado where he competed in several sports, and was honored with several awards both in high school and college. He continues to be an avid cyclist, runner, weight lifter, and triathlete.

After completing his B.S. degree in Exercise Science and finishing Massage Therapy school, Dr. Schlute was training for a half-Ironman competition and developed three disc herniations in his low back from overtraining. Standard medical care didn’t work, and Chiropractic was the only thing that offered any pain relief. In only 2 short weeks he was 100% out of pain and competing again. It was then that Dr. Schlute decided to become a sports medicine Chiropractor to help others with similar conditions.

Dr. Schlute has the rare combination of a degree in Exercise Science, Certified Massage Therapist, and licensed Chiropractor, combined with certifications in Kinesiotape and numerous soft tissue methods. Getting trained by the top Chiropractors in the field, as well as working along side some of the most esteemed and distinguished medical specialists has allowed him to develop an arsenal of proven techniques to get people better quickly.

In 2008 Dr. Schlute was awarded the “Outstanding New D.C. Award” by the California Chiropractic Association because of his efforts and commitment to the profession and within the community. Dr. Schlute is currently the Sports Chiropractor for the Long Beach Chapter for Team in Training, Run Racing Team, and is a provider at various local cycling, marathon, and triathlon events.